DeltaTrak ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator Alert Service

55101 TTI label

DeltaTrak's cold chain solution includes the ThermoTrace TTI labels and the ThermoTrace TTI Alert Service. The solution provides immediate feedback messages to anyone who scans the TTI time temperature indicator label with an industrial barcode reader (WiFi/GSM/CDMA) or consumer based smartphone (iPhone and Android Windows CE). The application will display pre-defined messages on the screen of the reader or custom messages as defined by the service subscriber. TTI Alert Service customers can also receive email and text alerts.

Customers who subscribe to ThermoTrace TTI Alert Service can completely customize both the scanner feedback message and the email and text alerts. The temperature monitoring application will display a feedback message on the screen of the reader as defined by the service subscriber. As an example, the message displayed could say "good" or "fresh" indicating the product has not experienced any temperature abuse, or it might say "do not accept" if the product has experienced extreme exposure to abusive temperature.

barcode Reader

Customized alert messages can be directed to up to five different people, as defined by the service subscriber, such as appropriate Quality Assurance or Food Safety personnel who could then take corrective action if necessary. The alert message is comprised of multiple components including the unique serial number found on each ThermoTrace TTI time temperature indicator label. The interactive DeltaTrak Scanner application allows users to scan or key in additional information which is then tied to that serial number and appears as part of the alert message. The user for instance could input a purchase order number, lot code, their product UPC code or an alpha-numeric message.

Visibility of product temperature abuse can be observed by anyone in the cold chain, from suppliers, processors and manufacturers down to the retailers. Because the labels can be applied at the carton level the ThermoTrace TTI Alert service fills an important traceability gap between the distribution center and the store. This temperature monitoring system can also be used to monitor the last mile when products are shipped directly to consumers.

The greatest value of the ThermoTrace TTI Service is its traceability features. Customized alerts are documented in text and email messages and tracked directly to your product by linking the ThermoTrace TTI label serial number to your product UPC code, order number, or alpha numeric message.


Download the TTI Smart Phone app

ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator SmartPhone Applications

TTI Smartphone

The ThermoTrace TTI program uses an innovative, patented smart barcode Time and Temperature Indicator (TTI) label that allows users to continuously monitor and track their products along the entire cold chain. The TTI system utilizes a real-time web-based monitoring system to track and monitor the label’s information. The data is collected using the barcode reader or smart phone and transmitted to a central monitoring server using WIFI or smart phone application.

For instructions to download the smart phone applications choose your smart phone format below.


DeltaTrak Scanner Instructions for iphone


1. Navigate to the iphone application icon on your smart phone.
2. Search for DeltaTrak Scanner and select Free
3. Select Install App
4. Enter your apple iTune store password
5. Fill in the registration form
6. Select Continue
7. Scan your barcode


DeltaTrak Scanner Instructions for the Android phone

Androidsmartphone 1. Navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
2. Search for ThermoTrace Monitor and install the free app.
3. Fill in the registration form.
4. Select Continue.
5. Scan your barcode.