ThermoTrace Time Temperature Indicator labels

55101 TTI label

DeltaTrak’s cold chain solution includes the ThermoTrace TTI labels and the ThermoTrace TTI Service. These time temperature indicator labels are low cost single-use barcode labels that support a variety of pre-set time and temperature events. Based on a proven (non-toxic) chemical process, this temperature indicator label changes the barcode as it tracks up to three levels of cumulative temperature abuse above the threshold temperature stated on the label. This dynamic process is captured in real time with every scan done by a barcode reader.

Customers who purchase these temperature indicator labels but do not subscribe to the ThermoTrace TTI Service will only receive pre-configured feedback messages on the scanner. They will not receive any alert messages by email or SMS text.

DeltaTrak currently offers two temperature indicator label models. These models are part number 55100 with a 32°F (0°C) temperature threshold limit and part number 55101 with a 41°F (5°C) temperature threshold limit. The labels are designed to change the valid barcode reading when the product has reached separate events. There is only one valid barcode at any point in time. When scanning a ThermoTrace temperature indicator label, the first row of barcode is readable only if the label has not been activated, this is known as Quality Code Event 1. TTI EventsThe second row of barcode is readable when the label has been activated and there has been no temperature exposure above the stated threshold of that particular label, and this is known as Quality Code Event 2. The third row of barcode is readable when a certain amount of accumulated time above threshold has occurred. For example, the 32°F ThermoTrace TTI Label will have a reading in the third row as soon as the label has been exposed to 32°F, and the 41°F ThermoTrace TTI label will have a reading in the third row as soon as the label has been exposed to 41°F. This is known as Quality Code Event 3. The fourth row of barcode is readable when the label has reached a second level of temperature abuse. For the 32°F ThermoTrace TTI Label this will register when the label has been exposed to an accumulated time of 4 hours above 32°F, and for the 41°F ThermoTrace TTI Label this will be when the label has been exposed to an accumulated time of 4 hours above 41°F. This is known as Quality Code Event 4.

The 32°F time temperature label would be typically be used for frozen commodities such as meat, seafood or chicken that requires lower temperatures. The 41°F time temperature label would typically be used for commodities such as produce, chemicals or pharmaceuticals that can tolerate a slightly higher temperature.

Download the ThermoTrace TTI Smart Phone app

ThermoTrace TTI SmartPhone Applications

TTI Smartphone

The ThermoTrace TTI program uses an innovative, patented smart barcode Time and Temperature Indicator (TTI) label that allows users to continuously monitor and track their products along the entire cold chain. The ThermoTrace TTI system utilizes a real-time web-based monitoring system to track and monitor the label’s information. The data is collected using the barcode reader or smart phone and transmitted to a central monitoring server using WIFI or smart phone application.

For instructions to download the smart phone applications choose your smart phone format below.



DeltaTrak Scanner Instructions for iphone


1. Navigate to the iphone application icon on your smart phone.
2. Search for DeltaTrak Scanner and select Free
3. Select Install App
4. Enter your apple iTune store password
5. Fill in the registration form
6. Select Continue
7. Scan your barcode


DeltaTrak Scanner Instructions for the Android phone

Androidsmartphone 1. Navigate to the Google Play Store on your Android phone.
2. Search for ThermoTrace Monitor and install the free app.
3. Fill in the registration form.
4. Select Continue.
5. Scan your barcode.



ThermoTrace TTI Label Specification

ThermoTrace TTI Labels

Time/Temperature Indicator

55101 TTI label

ThermoTrace TTI Labels allow manufacturers, shippers, retailers and cold chain managers to continuously monitor and track temperature sensitive products along the entire supply chain. These innovative, patented smart barcode labels are based on a proven chemical process that enables tracking of accumulated temperature excursions. Irreversible changes in the barcode indicate temperature abuse in degree minutes, showing cumulative time above threshold. Scanning the barcode provides different messages on the scanning device, depending on the level of temperature abuse tracked by the label.


  • Simple pull-tab activation
  • Serial numbers on each label for traceability
  • Link serial number to customer order number or product UPC code
  • Download free DeltaTrak ThermoTrace Scanner application
  • Scan with barcode readers (Wi-Fi, GSM, CDMA) or Smart phones (iPhone or Android CE)
  • Standard, pre-configured messages sent back to scanner
  • Customized messages and email alerts available with ThermoTrace TTI Alert Service
Model Number5510055101
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9000 registered quality management system
Threshold Temperature 35°F/0°C 41°F/5°C
Accumulated Temperature Abuse    
Event1 2 Hours accumulated abuse 1 Hours accumulated abuse
Event2 4 Hours accumulated abuse 3 Hours accumulated abuse
Event3 6 Hours accumulated abuse 5 Hours accumulated abuse
Accuracy: Temperature ± 2°F/1°C
Dimensions 47mm x 78 mm/1.8" x 3"
Shelf Life 1 year+, if under recommended storage conditions
Recommended Storage 6°F/3°C below response temperature, between 20-60% RH, away from heat sources (vents, pipes, etc.)
To download a pdf version of this specification sheet please click here 55100_55101_ThermoTraceTTI