Digital Thermometers

Digital thermometers can be used for a quick check of cooling food or to monitor temperatures inside pharmacy refrigerators or freezers. DelatTrak has a digital thermometer for your application.

12215 Digital certified alarm thermometer

The Certified Alarm Thermometer, Model 12215, is a dual channel thermometer with an internal and an external sensor, mimimum/maximum memory, a large,easy-to-read LCD, and high/low alarm settings. The internal sensor measure ambient air temperature and the external sensor monitors temperature inside freezers, refrigerators, or cold holding display cases. The external sensor has a 3 meter cable and a stainless steel, blunt probe enclosed in a sealed plastic bottle of propylene glycol, a solution that is classified as GRAS (generally recognized as safe). This enclosure prevents false alarms because the measurements of the probe are not impacted by rapid temperature fluctuations caused by frequent door openings that occur during normal use.. This thermometer mimics temperature readings in a medium similar to the common fluids stored in refrigerators and freezers in pharmacies and labs. In addition to pharmaceutical applications, the thermometer may also be used in food applications such as cold-holding display cases, refrigerators, or freezers.

26003F Digital heat/cool cooking thermometer

Use the Heat/Cool Cooking Thermometer, Model 26003, to view desired internal cooking temperature without ever opening the oven door. It removes all the guesswork because an alarm beeps when the pre-set temperature has been reached. It will also track the cooling rate of foods to ensure proper cool down temperatures. This unit comes with 2.5-feet heat-resistant teflon extension cable and 6.5in rugged stainless steel probe that measures up to 392°F!

12207F Min/Max Digital Alarm thermometer

Monitor air temperature levels inside freezers, refrigerators, display cases, water tanks, and coolers with the Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer, Model 12207. For a Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer Model 12207spot check or permanent installation, the Min/Max is an economical and convenient QA tool. Its onboard internal sensor shows ambient air temperature, while the fast response stainless steel external sensor attached to a 10-ft (3 meter) cord shows the temperature to which it is exposed. Alarms can be set for high and low temperature readings.

Model 12215

FlashLink Certified Alarm Thermometer

12215 Certified Alarm thermometer
A temperature-buffered sensor enclosed in a bottle of propylene glycol solution ensures accurate measurements that are not impacted by rapid temperature fluctuations caused by frequent refrigerator or freezer door openings. The propylene glycol solution is GRAS (generally recognized as safe) and mimics temperature readings in a medium similar to common fluids stored in food and laboratory refrigerators, freezers and cold display cases.
  • Internal sensor for ambient air temperature
  • External sensor with high/low alarm setting
  • Switchable internal/external temperature display
  • Minimum/Maximum memory for temperature readings
  • Jumbo LCD display with back light
  • Switchable ˚F/˚C scale
  • Magnetic attachment and fold away stand
Internal Sensor Range 14˚F to 122˚F (-10˚C to 50˚C)
External Probe Range -58˚F to 158˚F (-50˚C to 70˚C)
Accuracy ±1.0°F from 14°F to 77°F (±.5°C from -10°C to 25°C); 
±2.0°F above 77°F (±1.0°C above 25°C)
±2.0°F below 14°F (±1.0°C below -10°C)
Sampling Rate 10 seconds
Display Resolution 0.1˚
Display Size 1.8in W x 0.87in H (46mm W x 22mm H)
Instrument Size 3.15in W x 2.05in H x 0.67in D (80mm W x 52mm H x 17mm D)
External Probe Type/Size Stainless Steel, 0.7in L x 0.2in Dia (17.8mm L x 5mm Dia)
External Sensor Bottle Polystyrene with PE cap, 1.6in L x 0.79in Dia (41mm L x 20mm Dia)
External Sensor Buffer Propylene glycol (GRAS classified – Generally Recognized As Safe)
External Sensor Cable 9.84ft x 0.08in Dia (3 meters x 2mm Dia)
Battery Coin Cell Lithium Battery
Certification CE mark, NIST traceable, WEEE
To download a pdf version of this specification sheet please click here Certified alarm thermometer

Model 26003

Heat/Cool Automated Cooking and Cool Down Thermometer

heat/cool automated cooking and  cool down thermometer
  • Fully automated time/temperature monitering for food cool down
    • Programmable time/temperature settings, 3 zones
    • Confirms less than 6 hour total cool down time for food safety and compliance with FDA Food Code 3-501.14 (A,B)
     • Audible alarm if food exceeds time in temperature danger zone
  • New "Auto-Calibration" feature
    • Uses ice bath reference solution
  • Count down or count up timer for cooking and cooling
  • Audible alarms for PASS/FAIL notification and unattended operation
  • Easy to clean heat resistant Teflon ® wire and waterproof probe
  • HACCP Compliant tool
  • Includes removable mounting cradle
26003 Automated Cooking and Cool Down Thermometer
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9000 registered quality management system
Measurement Range 32°F to 338°F (0°C to 170°C)
Operating Range (base unit) -22°F to 122°F (-30°C to 50°C)
Accuracy 0°F to 275°F ± 1.8°F (0°C to 135°C ±1.0°C);
275°F to 302°F ± 2.7°F (135° to 150°C ±1.5°C)
Probe 6.5" (17cm) stainless steel, reduced tip. Detachable
Probe Wire 30" (76cm) heat-resistant Teflon
Timer Up to 23 hr 59 min. in count up or down modes
Body ABS plastic
Unit Weight 3.8oz (107.7g)
Resolution 0.1°(F or C)
Battery Two 1.5V button, battery life 18 months
Certification CE, factory calibrated to NIST standards, RoHS compliant
To download a pdf version of this specification sheet please click here heat/cool automated cooking and  cool down thermometer

Model 12207

Min/Max Alarm Digital Thermometer

12207 Min/Max digital thermometer
Applications: Intended for refrigerators, freezers, salad bars, display cases and water tanks.
  • High/low temperature alarm setting
  • Internal/External sensor switchable
  • Display backlight
  • °C/°F selectable
  • Min/Max memory for internal or external sensor - lowest & highest reading stored for instant recall
  • Attachable magnet and suction cup sensor holder included
Model 12207 Min/Max Digital Thermometer
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9000 registered quality management system
Temperature Range Internal Sensor: 14°F to 122°F (-10°C to 50°C)
External Sensor: -58°F to 158°F (-50°C to 70°C)
Accuracy ±1.8°F (±1.0°C)
Resolution 0.1°F (0.1°C)
Display Reading Update 10 seconds
Sensor Thermistor
External Sensor Cable Length 10 ft. (3m)
Display Window Size 1.9 in. (W) x .8 in. (H) (48 mm x 21 mm)
Product Size 2.9 in. (W) x 2 in. (H) x 6 in. (D) (73 mm x 52 mm x 15 mm)
Weight 2.5 oz. (70 g)
Body Casing Polycarbonate and ABS plastic
Probe Stainless steel probe, .875 in. (L) (17.8 mm)
Battery (included) 1.5 volt AAA/ UM4 or equivalent
Certification/Calibration CE mark, N.I.S.T. traceable by lot
To download a pdf version of this specification sheet please click here Min/Max Digital thermometer