16000 In Transit Temperature Chart Recorder

In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorders

DeltaTrak's In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder, Model 16000-16502 and RoHS compliant Models 16000-1-16502-1, is a highly reliable, time and temperature strip chart recorder used to record environmental conditions encountered during storage and transportation of food, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, and other temperature-sensitive commodities in refrigerated trucks, rail cars, ocean and air freight containers.

The In-Transit Temperature Recorder models are specially engineered with a light and durable case for superior and faster temperature response. These chart recorders provide maximum accuracy and generate a permanent record of transit conditions on a 36 inch (91 cm) strip chart. A view port allows the operator to visually confirm activation after pulling the temperature chart recorder’s startup tab.

The permanent records produced by these temperature chart recorders serve as corroborating evidence for insurance claims, quality assurance documentation and protection of your valuable products. Models are available from 5-Day to 90-Day transit periods with three temperature ranges.

Models 5-Day 10-Day 20-Day 30-Day 40-Day 60-Day 90-Day
Standard Range
-20°F to 100°F (-29°C to 38°C)
16000 16100 16200 16300 16350 16400 16500
High Range
32°F to 150°F (0°C to 65°C)
16002 16102 16202 16302   16402 16502
Low Range
-40°F to 80°F (-40°C to 27°C)
16004 16104 16203     16403  


In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder

16000 In Transit Temperature Chart Recorder
Applications: In storage facilities and during transit. The permanent records produced serve as corroborating evidence of product quality for perishable commodities, quality assurance documentation and insurance claims in the case of temperature excursions.
  • New 2 part document for ease of use
  • New improved pull tab designed to make it easier to START
  • Dual scale °F/°C chart
  • Trilingual operation instructions (English, Spanish, Chinese)
  • Various models ranging from 5-Day to 90-Day transit periods
  • Available in three temperature ranges
  • Patented design guarantees recording trace stops at end of trip
  • Thermoformed top case for faster temperature response and reduced weight
  • Serial number on each unit for traceability
  • PATENT NO. 4,990,940
Model 16000 In-Transit Temperature Chart Recorder
DeltaTrak manufactures products under an ISO 9000 registered quality management system
Temperature Range Standard Model -20°F to 100°F (-29°C to 38°C)
High Range Model 32°F to 150°F (0°C to 65°C)
Low Range Model -40°F to 80°F (-40°C to 27°C)
Accuracy ±2°F (±1°C) or better
Sensor Bi-metal coil
Chart Pressure sensitive, total length 36 inches (91.4cm),
dual scale °F/°C
Drive Solid state quartz motor
Time Keeping Accuracy/Clock Motor Average ±20 seconds a month
Battery AA Alkaline - high range models
AA Carbon Zinc - standard models
AA Lithium - low range models
Shelf Life 3 years
Size 5.5 in (L) x 4 in (W) x 2.5 in (H)
13.5 cm (L) x 10 cm (W) x 6.3 cm (H)
Weight 6.98 oz. (198g)
Case Lot Size/Weight 20 recorders per case/ 11lbs. (4.9kg)
Certification/calibration CE mark by T.U.V., traceable to N.I.S.T.

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