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FAQ - FlashLink Data Loggers
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 FlashLink CT Data Logger
  How often can you record a data point?
  • Standard Model 20720 (5 day) 1 min 54 seconds. Hardware is capable of 3 seconds interval if custom programmed.
  What type of alarm does your data logger have?
  • Visual, red flashing emitting diode when in alarm.
  Can high and low alarms be customized to the data logger?
  • Yes. You can also set an initial start up alarm delay as well as continuous alarm delays. For example, if a temperature exceeds alarm limits during transit, you can delay activation of the alarm for the programmed period of time, so that short door openings or short temperature spikes don't trigger the alarm.
  How can we ensure that the alarm is set specifically for the right product?
  • Part numbers are assigned for each custom programmed data logger. The part number is unique for each customer. The customer approves and signs the specified custom program requirements with part number. The part number is added to the factory program database.
  Is a high visibility card available in order to draw the receiver’s attention to the data logger?
  • The CT model is packaged in a patented, high visibility, yellow and blue utility package. In addition, based on client requirements, a high visibility box label can be provided to highlight the location of the data logger if it is placed inside a box.
  What sets your product apart from comparable products on the market?
  • Our patented “Shadow Log” feature guarantees data recording even if the shipper forgets to manually activate the data logger. Patented direct memory access via 8-pin connector with a USB adapter at the rate of 3800 logged data points in 5 seconds.
  How long does it take to download the info? By printing? Electronically?
  • PC download for an electronic file with 3800 data points is typically 5 seconds. A printer is available that downloads the data logger without the need for a PC in about 60-70 seconds.
  How do we ensure that the case with the data logger attached remains inside the trailer for the duration of the trip?
  • The data logger and its case are designed together to form a patented, compact utility package. The data logger has a double foam adhesive strip that will attach to a carton, pallet, tub and/or trailer wall to secure the data logger in place.
  Is your data logger compatible with any other data logger software?
  • No, it is only compatible with FlashLink software products which can be downloaded free of charge from our Web site worldwide.
  Can the data logger information be compiled in a summary?
  • Yes. The summary report may be printed with all data included in a graphic or text report that can include degree minutes, which is a shelf-life indicator. It can include your company logo, and can also be viewed on a Web-hosted site.
  Can the data logger information be downloaded in a graph format?
  • Yes. The graph can be segmented and viewed in 8-hour increments, with a zoom feature and sequence marker. It can be printed in portrait or landscape format.
  Can the data logger information be downloaded in a tabular format?
  • Yes. Data is listed by Data Tag (includes trip #, receiver, shipper, and other information), Data Info (includes model #, recorded time, log interval, start and stop times, etc.), and Statistics (includes minimum, maximum, and average temperatures, etc.).
  Can the data logger information be downloaded as a paper print out and electronically?
  • Yes. It can be downloaded into a stand-alone printer, an email printer, or into a PC, and can be immediately printed out, emailed, and posted on Web-hosted site.
  What is the accuracy guarantee for temperature recording? Plus or minus how many °F?
  • ±1°F (0.5°C) from 32°F to 150°F (0°C to 66°C).
  What are the operable temperature ranges (durability)?
  • Minus 40°F to 150°F (-40°C to 66°C). The data logger is designed with rugged ABS plastic, with a conformal-coated PC board to protect from moisture and mechanical impacts.
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