Shelf Life

Extending shelf life is one of the food industry’s most challenging issues today as the food distribution chain continues to lengthen as a result of increased imports and exports, fewer and larger suppliers, and the proliferation of regional distribution centers. Food must travel further today than ever before.

Extended transportation times and rising shrinkage costs have food handlers scrambling for methods and tools to extend the shelf life of food. Factors that affect shelf life of produce include improper handling, inadequate humidity, temperature abuse and Ethylene exposure. Modified Atmosphere Packaging (MAP) technology was developed specifically to address the issue of delivering product through the distribution chain in the best possible quality. Combined with temperature and humidity control an effective MPA system can significantly extend food shelf life and consistently deliver food at its peak.

Ethylene exposure is of particular concern to growers of fruits and vegetables as it hastens the ripening and decaying process. MPA and in particular Ethylene Adsorption Packaging or EAP strategies are effective tools that can decrease food’s exposure to Ethylene.

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DeltaTrak offers tools for shelf life control and monitoring. The PrimePro EAP™ pallet covers contain a proprietary additive that removes ethylene from the air surrounding the fresh produce to slow down the process of ripening and decay the food. DeltaTrak’s Air Repair Ethylene Absorber products dramatically reduce harmful levels of ethylene gas by oxidizing ethylene changing it into harmless CO2 and water. DeltaTRAK shelf life monitoring tools include the DeltaTrak Brix Meter™, an optical meter that measures the sugar content of foods, the DeltaTrak Salinity Refractometer™ , an optical meter designed to test the salinity of water or brine and the DeltaTrak Penetrometer™ , a gauge that uses puncture pressure to determine the firmness of fruit.

Now available: Protect, Track and Monitor Your Produce Shelf Life with DeltaTrak’s Shelf Life Extension Solution

DeltaTrak’s Shelf Life Extension Solution combines DeltaTrak’s PrimePro ethylene removal packing solution with the temperature tracking capability of the DeltaTrak ThermoTrace TTI monitoring technology and service. DeltaTrak’s Shelf Life Extension solution provides our customers with a complete system that extends and maximizes the shelf life of your valuable commodity by removing damaging ethylene and monitoring the temperature. It is now possible for shippers to have the information needed to improve shelf life, reduce shrinkage and protect your brands.