DeltaTrak provides reliable, quality solutions for cold chain management applications in the industrial market. From temperature monitoring devices such as the FlashLink CT family of data loggers to our chart recorders, we help ensure your temperature-sensitive commodities are shipped within the temperature safe zone. Our line of Thermal labels provides an accurate and quick view of time and temperature during shipping or storage.Whether by truck, air cargo, rail or ship, our cold chain solutions help protect your assets.

Chemical manufacturers, aerospace part manufacturers and producers of sealants and adhesives rely on products from DeltaTrak to help safeguard their TATS products. The FlashLink Wireless System is a proven cold chain solution for use in factories, temperature controlled clean rooms and chemical labs.

Our products help you comply with regulatory requirements, and provide accurate information to help resolve disputes and accept /reject decisions. The permanent records produced can be used as corroborative evidence in insurance claims.


HVAC - Testing and Measurement

DeltaTrak offers the highest quality diagnostic tools for contractors, maintenance personnel and others who need to take precise temperature measurements without hands-on contact. Speed up the diagnostic process with the ThermoTrace Infrared Thermometer. Just point, press a button and instantly read the surface temperature on your digital display. Its sleek design, smooth surfaces, and wide temperature range make ThermoTrace your ultimate temperature tool. Ideal for the heating, ventilating, and air-conditioning arena.

DeltaTrak's FlashCheck Jumbo Display Probe Thermometer is engineered especially for HVAC, refrigeration and other industrial applications. The patented magnetized probe cover is designed to attach to a register in the ceiling, allowing hands free measurement of air temperature. A Velcro® strip is supplied with the unit to wrap and secure the probe tip against a refrigerant line. Its high-visibility yellow case makes it easier to spot, reducing the chance of leaving it a job site



Many industrial chemical products, including adhesives, solvents and composites, are time and temperature sensitive (TATS). Opportunities are present throughout the manufacturing, distribution and storage for temperature abuse and loss of product. You need to know your products have not been exposed to temperature abuse and are ready to use.

DeltaTrak helps manage the cold chain for your TATS products and helps you with compliance of QA/AC standards and other regulations. Our FlashLink CT Data Loggers monitor and record temperatures during transport and storage. With our patented ShadowLog® feature, the logger monitors and records temperature even if the operator forgets to activate the logger. Data can be downloaded to a PC with the In-Transit FlashLink CT Software or create a locked PDF file automatically with FlashLink PDF. Print the data at the dock with the CT Graphics Printer. Compact and easy to use, the FlashLink CT Data Logger is a must for your product’s cold chain management needs. The CT Logger is also available in a dry ice version, the FlashLink CT -80 Data Logger.

For a quick visual reading to determine if products have been exposed to abusive temperatures, apply DeltaTrak TempDot or WarmMark time-temperature labels to packaging or palettes. These accurate, low cost monitoring tags provide irreversible and tamperproof evidence of temperature abuse. TempDot FreezeCheck Temperature Indicator is used to indicate an out of range temperature below 32°F (0°C). A visual check shows if there has been temperature abuse and the label becomes a valuable piece for recordkeeping.

FlashLink Wireless System monitors small storage rooms or large warehouses around the clock without human intervention. Sensors monitor the ambient temperature (external probes are available) and transmit the data to a central receiver. The data can be retrieved via the FlashLink Program Manager Software.