Industry Solutions

Any industry that produces, ships, receives or stores temperature-sensitive commodities relies on cold chain management to reduce spoilage of goods and potential loss of revenues. Whether for the life sciences, pharmaceutical, industrial or food and floral, goods must be kept at optimum temperature throughout the shipping, distribution and storage process. Temperatures must be recorded and validated to ensure viability of proper cold chain management.

DeltaTrak manufactures and sells cold chain management solutions. Our data loggers record temperatures inside shipping containers, trucks, rail cars and cargo planes. Once the product has arrived, data can be downloaded to verify the temperature during shipping. The FlashLink Wireless System monitors environmental conditions in manufacturing and storage facilities.

Documentation is critical in the cold chain. Desktop and cloud-hosted software brings the environmental data together so it can be recorded, analyzed, documented and shared with the appropriate parties.

In-Transit Temperature Recorders are reliable temperature and time recorders with applications in storage and transport of temperature-sensitive commodities such as fresh produce, processed and frozen food, pharmaceuticals, industrial chemicals and more. The permanent records produced by these recorders provide corroborating evidence of product quality for perishable commodities, quality assurance and insurance claims in the case of temperature excursions.

Cold chain management is a vital part of ensuring that temperature-sensitive goods remain viable throughout their shelf life.