Whether processing food for mass distribution or preparing a steak to perfection for a customer in a restaurant, food safety is the most important ingredient. The environmental and internal conditions of food products must be carefully monitored and documented during processing. According to the Centers for Disease Control, many of the major causes of foodborne illnesses are temperature-related and occur during processing. The causes include: (1) failure to properly cool foods, (2) failure to thoroughly cook foods, (3) refrigerated food allowed to get into the “danger zone” from 41°F to 140°F (5°C to 60°C), and (4) failure to reheat food to a high enough temperature. If your company handles, cooks, and serves food, DeltaTrak has products and services that will fit easily into your food safety program, helping you to comply with HACCP and U.S. Public Health Service Food Code regulations.


Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point, or HACCP, is a practical, systematic management tool designed to ensure food safety. As food products move from the field through the processing plant to the table, contamination (microbial, chemical, or physical) may pose a health hazard. HACCP is a specific action plan to identify and control these hazards from entering the handling process, and to document the safety of food products. DeltaTrak’s time/temperature monitoring instruments play an important role in HACCP programs to prevent dangerous levels of microbial contamination.

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration’s Food Code requires all businesses which handle, distribute or process food products to develop and implement a food safety plan based on the principles of HACCP.


The FlashCheck Jumbo Display Probe Thermometer has a reduced tip and fast response time for product temperature spot-checks. It has an Auto-Calibrate feature for calibration in the field.

The FlashCheck Folding Probe Thermometer has a min/max feature to track the minimum and maximum temperatures during a measurement cycle. The 4.4 inch (111.76mm) long, reduced tip probe folds away for safety and the entire unit will fit in a shirt pocket.

The Heat/Cool Thermometer tracks the cooling rate of cooked foods easily and with little intervention.

Monitor temperatures inside freezers, refrigerators, display cases and water tanks with the Minimum/Maximum Alarm Digital Thermometer.

Use the High Temp Stainless Steel Data Logger with or without the external probe for logging high temperature applications such as commercial ovens where a high temperature needs to be maintained.

Use the On-Line Infrared Thermometer to measure temperatures on food as it moves down a production line from process to process.