Recording and archiving temperature data of perishable products during transport is imperative whether you are a supplier or receiver, to protect your financial interests, and to help manage the cold chain. Whether you’re transporting temperature-sensitive food products to market, blood bags from donor facilities, chemicals to distribution centers, or pharmaceuticals overseas, placing temperature recording devices on all perishable loads is key to customer confidence and critical to a complete quality assurance program. Use the ColdTrak® Cold Chain Solution to improve cold chain efficiency through better, comprehensive information management.


FlashLink CT Data Loggers are fail-safe, powerful, and easy-to-use front end devices for recording critical time and temperature data. The temperature data loggers generate serialized, permanent records of temperature conditions during transport of each load that has such a data logger attached to it. This provides quality assurance documentation and corroborating evidence to support insurance claims when temperature-sensitive commodities have been damaged. Data from the data loggers can be downloaded into a PC using our easy-to-use data download/management software, or downloaded directly to a handheld printer. Through our ColdTrak Cold Chain Solution, data from a data logger can be encrypted and sent to our secure DBMS (Database Manage System) server for online-based data hosting, thus allowing secure remote access to crucial data by authorized individuals from anywhere in the world; this centralized data management system makes it significantly more manageable for mid to large size businesses to track in-transit storage environment data.


Data derived from the logger will help you analyze the effects of temperature during transport on product shelf life. Protect your temperature-sensitive products during transport with DeltaTrak electronic data loggers and single-use chart temperature recorders.