Most, if not all, of today’s temperature sensitive commodities must travel to get from their point of origin to their final destination. Transportation presents unique environment control situations. Whether by train, plane, ship or truck, products must be kept within their temperature safe zone and the temperature verified upon arrival. Often, a simple Pass/Fail is enough for many receivers to accept or decline a shipment. More often, receivers want hard data and printouts to back up claims of damage during transit or safe arrival of goods.

Data Loggers

The FlashLink® Data Loggers are remarkably powerful and easy-to-use electronic devices for recording critical time and temperature data during transportation. Both loggers include DeltaTrak’s Shadow Log™ fail-safe feature, guaranteeing data recording even if the operator fails to activate the unit. The FlashLink Data Loggers are reusable electronic data loggers that come in a variety of temperature and temperature/humidity models. Used to record temperature and humidity levels during truck delivery routes from distribution centers to retail facilities, or in coolers and storage rooms, they are a vital part of managing the cold chain of temperature sensitive commodities.


FlashLink PDF is software that allows you to automatically create a PDF of downloaded data from the FlashLink CT or CTX data logger. It uses the FlashLink USB adapter to download data to a PC and create PDFs without further input from the receiver.