Cold Chain

Cold chain is the supply and distribution of commodities that must be kept within a defined temperature range throughout the shipping and storage cycle and the management of that cycle. If, at any time in the chain, a temperature sensitive commodity is exposed to temperatures outside of the defined range, irreversible damage can occur, resulting in loss of product and profit.

Assuring the integrity of perishable and temperature sensitive products in the critical control points of a cold chain is imperative in today’s business world. The ColdTrak® Global Cold Chain Management Solution includes products and services that will help you improve your cold chain efficiency through comprehensive information management, and protect your financial interests by better documenting and auditing your cold chain processes.

Maintaining temperature-sensitive products at their optimum temperature during the manufacturing process can be a challenge. DeltaTrak’s products provide reliable temperature monitoring throughout manufacture for any industry

Products and goods in-transit are susceptible to major temperature fluctuations. DeltaTrak’s family of data loggers monitors and records time and temperature data so you can be sure your goods were kept at a safe temperature during transport.

Whether you have one walk in cooler or a facility the size of a city block, DeltaTrak products can help ensure that your products are being kept at their optimum temperature.

Front-end Devices for Recording Temperature

The In-Transit FlashLink® VU Data Logger is a remarkably powerful and easy-to-use electronic data logger for recording critical time and temperature data during transportation. No other electronic data logger offers DeltaTrak’s Shadow Log™ fail-safe feature that guarantees data recording even if the operator fails to activate the unit. The FlashLink Data Loggers are reusable electronic data loggers that come in a variety of temperature and temperature/humidity models. They can be used to record temperature and humidity levels during truck delivery routes from distribution centers to retail facilities, or in coolers and storage rooms.

Web Hosting and Data Management Services

The ColdTrak® Data Central is a cloud-based application for retrieving, analyzing and sharing temperature data centrally stored on our secure web server. The service is available on a monthly subscription basis for up to 5 sites with the option to purchase additional individual sites. Information can be accessed 24/7. The application enables viewing of trip data and graphs just minutes after the data loggers are downloaded at the receiving facilities. This allows receivers to take immediate action with a carrier if there is evidence of out-of-range temperature conditions and reduce loss. Advanced search and multi-graph view features help identify frequent temperature abuse patterns and improve the decision making process at the operational level.

Software for Downloading, Uploading, Displaying and Analyzing Data

Temperature information is downloaded using DeltaTrak’s ColdTrak® Manager or ColdTrak Tag-It Software applications which are specially designed to help download the data loggers to a PC and uploaded data into your account to the ColdTrak® Data Central. ColdTrak Tag-It is available to existing ColdTrak Data Central Account Holders. Contact sales to set up your account today.

On-site Installation, Validation and Training

DeltaTrak’s specialists will provide you with support to implement and utilize the ColdTrak® CT Global Cold Chain Solution. They will work alongside your staff, at your location, to help ensure a successful and efficient deployment. Our specialists will also provide you with further support to use the solution and develop it to your advantage.

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